Saturday, February 19, 2011

provo bridal fair


we just finished performing at the provo bridal fair. what an awesome thing that is! i must (maybe shamefully) admit that this is the first time i've ever been to a bridal fair. for some reason, i never attended one when planning my own wedding. but what a fantastic resource. almost every possible reception center in the valley was represented, plenty of talented photographers, wedding coordinators, fashion shows...crazy.

here's a shout out to jason and tracey who oversee the whole thing. thank you for your warm hospitality and total willingness to help. you are both amazing!

SS had the opportunity to show our stuff at two separate times through the day, live on stage. we didn't have much time for the first set, due to set-up, but the second set went great and it was fun to put ourselves out there. i definitely felt that we have something unique to offer, there was no one else there that does what we do.

for those brides who missed it, make sure you don't miss the next on april 16th. hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


welcome to songbird studios! we are a live acoustic duo that offers music with simplicity and elegance for weddings and other events. we mostly do covers of artists such as ingrid michaelson, the weepies, sara bareilles, ron pope, and norah jones and we like to throw in classics as well by sting, eva cassidy, and fleetwood mac. SS consists of a brother and sister (have a peek below!), vocals, guitar, piano, djembe, and the classic shaker. don't worry, a demo will be available soon to give you a better taste...

hey, all. i'm katie of songbird studios. i'm a utah native, although i just moved back from a great 18 month stint in the las vegas area. i started tickling the old ivories when i was the tender age of 5. my sweet grandma was my first piano teacher. started singing and performing when i was 12 and have never stopped. graduated with a BM in Media Music from the grand BYU, and wish i could do it all over again. what i learned there as a singer/songwriter/performer is invaluable. i'm the wife of a super hot and stellar husband, shawn, and mom of 2 craaazzzyy boys, jack and sam, and they make me happy. i'm of the opinion that the only thing better than listening to a good tune is making one.

this is my insanely attractive (and single) brother, brad. (i can say that, right?) we drove each other crazy when we were growing up, but now we're the best of friends. luckily, he is the other half of songbird studios. he is one busy dude, going to school full-time at the U, and also working full-time. super talented is he, playing the guitar, djembe, drums, the incredibly complicated shaker, and adds some great vocals. he loves to jam with anyone who wants in. and just for flavor, he's a nature freak. i think if it was socially acceptable, he would choose to live in a tent in the mountains.